Thursday, 22 May 2008


In our meeting today we decided what to do with our barrier troughs for the summer, which desperately need replanting. 14 will have bedding plants and 7 will be planted with drought-tolerant permanent plants. We will buy the plants next week.

We did have 22 barrier troughs, however, one has gone missing; we assume it has been stolen.

We have had to change our plans to run a competition for children because the miniature garden competition would not be practical. Instead we will run an art competition; we will decide a theme and other details at the next meeting and then publicise it in the local paper and with posters up in the library, etc.

Monday, 19 May 2008


Had a walk round Pudsey today and a good look at all the perennials we planted earlier in the year and they are doing marvellously! They have all grown a lot and some have started to flower already. The geums in front of the leisure centre have bright orange flowers and look absolutely gorgeous with the purple heucheras.

The beds on Lowtown are doing the best, even though they are the last ones we planted. Everything is looking healthy and the knautia 'Melton Pastels' are flowering already; some are burgundy and some are pink. The flowers are popular with butterflies so hopefully lots of wildlife will be attracted to the area.

All the bedding planted by the council is totally past it and looks terrible now so planting perennials instead was definitely a good decision and something we should do more of in the future.

The spring bedding will be removed in the next few days. The barrier troughs will have some summer bedding planted in them; we will decide what we are planting at our meeting on Thursday.

A few perennials have been stolen so these will need to be replaced too. There are 2 libertias are missing; they are slightly unusual and quite expensive plants so I suspect they were stolen by someone who fancied them for their own garden rather than just vandalised. But we have only had these 2 plants stolen out of all the beds we planted so it isn't too bad really.

We'll also weed the beds to keep them looking their best. I'll add some more photos soon now the plants are flowering.

There's an article on the Pudsey Times website today about the judges' spring visit:

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Pudsey Carnival

It was Pudsey Carnival today and we had a plant sale and put up a display of photographs and press clippings. Despite the usual terrible carnival weather, members of the group manned the stall all day and we raised over £30.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


We have received the notes from the Spring judging (see post below) so we have been thinking of ways to improve for Summer.

We also discussed ideas for our stall at Pudsey Carnival on the 17th May, organising a miniature garden competition for children and paying £1,000 for some extra hanging baskets on the Town Hall this year.

The group are split on how to best spend our money. Some want to do as much as possible with the money to improve the town for the whole community and also get as many marks as we can when the judges next visit. Ideas suggested include more permanent planting, wildlife areas, projects with children and tackling the negative points the judges mentioned in their feedback.

The other part of the group want to spend the money the easiest way possible by paying the council to put up temporary hanging baskets and water them for us until they are taken down in autumn.

We are also trying to decide how to plant up our barrier troughs for summer still.

Option one is to plant them with annuals and pay £40 per container to have them watered for the year.

Option 2 is to plant them with various drought tolerant plants that will require no watering. The money saved (£880) could be spent on permanent planting such as more colourful perennials and wildlife areas and projects in schools.

Option 3 is a bit of both!

We have also received a grant of £3,000 from West Leeds Area management so hopefully we will be able to do some exciting projects in the future.

Judges comments


The entry is managed by a relatively new group of people who are picking up from work carried out by previous groups. With time and co-operation/liaison with the business sector and local authority, the project will develop to further enhance Pudsey.


Judges were particularly impressed by:
1. Pudsey Park with its Tropical House and Showhouse.
2. The spring barrier baskets supplied by the Local Authority.
3. The gardens at Robin Chase.

Areas suggested for future development:
1. Development of small pocket parks, shrub planting etc. by the group.
4. Further involvement from youth organisations
4. Organisation of competitions, etc.


Judges were particularly impressed by:
1. School gardening club with the quad area and reception garden.
3. The planting and maintenance of the gardens on Robin Chase.
4. The excellent allotment site at Crimbles Place.

Areas suggested for future development:
1. Quite a number of old ‘tired’ shrub beds could possibly be replanted.
3. Ensure general grass cutting is carried out prior to judging.
4. Possible development of future wild flower area.


Judges were particularly impressed by:
1. The recycling of old greenhouses on the allotment site.

Areas suggested for future development:
1. Possible development of pond area at Spinners Chase.
2. Mulching of shrub bed.


Judges were particularly impressed by:
1. The cleanliness and lack of litter in and around Pudsey Park.

Areas suggested for future development:
1. Possible development of community litter picks etc.


1. The posters displayed by houses on Robin/Spinners Chase

Areas suggested for future development:
1. Further Press releases regarding the groups work.
2. Future commercial sponsorship of areas etc.